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Manuela Castro Neves and Maria Bouza

48 pages. 210 x 277 mm

ISBN: 9789899970878


A very special bird, ten bees clamoring for breakfast, a dove that blossoms after eating the seeds of a flowerbed, a caterpillar that cannot stand the darkness of the fig within which it lives, a ladybug, in an incessant and intriguing back and forth are some of the various creatures that inhabit this backyard, all characters of brief stories of unusual and amusing character. The illustration, very colorful, underlines these characteristics. For all these reasons, we believe that this book can provide good reading moments for children of various ages, opening up avenues for various pedagogical explorations.

Book recommended PNL2027 Poetry - Literature - ages 6-8 - ages 9-11 - Initial Reading - Medium Reading

Bichos do meu quintal e algumas gotas de chuva

SKU: 9789899970878
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