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João Ferreira Oliveira and Anabela Dias

32 pages. 200 x 230mm

ISBN: 9789899836150


What will be better? Growing up, alone, surrounded by toys or, with fewer toys, but surrounded by siblings? It won't be up to this book to give the answer, of course, but at a time when there are so many only children, perhaps it's important to hear what they themselves have to say. Let them talk, write and read about the subject. Children like João, a boy who, after returning from the beach with his parents, wrote everything he saw and felt throughout the day in this diary. And what a day!
A book with a confessional tone, written by João Ferreira Oliveira - an only child, as expected - which reserves a few lines so that young readers can, too, tell us about their day.

Recommended book PNL2027
Literature - ages 6-8 - Initial Reading - Independent reading 2nd year

Diário das Coisas Impossíveis

SKU: 9789899836150
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