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João Ferreira Oliveira and Maria Bouza

32 pages. 200 x 230 mm

ISBN: 9789899970809


Augusto Monterroso wrote what is considered the shortest story ever: "When he woke up, the dinosaur was still there." This story is not about the Latin American writer, although the character is named MONTERROSSO. It is a kind of tribute to all those who enjoy stories, books, and tales. It is also a homage to the work "Where the Wild Things Are." Unlike Maurice Sendak's book, in which a boy locks himself in his room and enters a world full of monsters, here the journey is undertaken by the parents, searching for their son, who disappears into the pages of a book. Will they be able to find him? Can they bring him back home? This work has multiple interpretations, somewhat strange and mysterious, but with simple reading, like all great stories.

Recommended Book PNL2027 Literature - ages 3-5 - Pre-reading - Read aloud - Preschool


SKU: 9789899970809
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