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Carla Jorge, Irina Melo and Catarina Correia Marques

Collection: O que fazem os pais?

32 pages. 235 x 260mm

ISBN: 9789899836112


For children, their parents' profession is almost magical. An unknown world that they hear about at home and are curious to discover.

And what happens when adults are out of work? What changes on a daily basis?

My father is unemployed
It tries to answer these and other questions, through the eyes of a child.
A story for little ones about a reality that affects many adults.

An enlightening book, because we all have a parent, an aunt or a neighbor who is unemployed and unemployment implies changes in our lives. That's what this book aims to show.

O Meu Pai está Desempregado

SKU: 9789899836112
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