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Joana Cabral and Margarida Teixeira

32 pages. 200 x 220mm

ISBN: 9789899716926


When mom was little the world was a different place. People played in the street, there were no cell phones, shopping was done at the grocery store and the records were vinyl. But there are also things that never change...
This book is for everyone. It is an illustrated album that talks about some differences between generations. A topic that always arouses the curiosity of young people. Children love to know and adults love to tell. What was it like when your parents were little?
There is no place here for sermons and there is no intention of saying that it used to be good and that now the world is completely backwards. None of that. But the world was different, without microwaves, computers and cell phones and without DVDs and cartoons 24 hours a day. It seems unbelievable but it was like that. Color television was a luxury, there were no controls and there were only 2 channels.
But no matter how advanced technology is, there are things that never change, like the love between parents and children.


Recommended book PNL2027
Literature - ages 6-8 - Initial Reading - Independent reading 2nd year

Quando a mãe era pequena

SKU: 9789899716926
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