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Maria João Lopes and Maria Remédio

48 pages. 210 x 277 mm

ISBN: 9789899970885


When I came out of my mother's belly, I was very tiny, but everything I did was grand. So tiny, yet I changed everything around me: the schedules at home, the routines, the outings with my parents to catch the fresh light of the street. I was minuscule, yet capable of changes worthy of a giant. My parents were amazed. How could I be so tiny if I made them feel such immense love? And you? Are you also so tiny, so small, yet so grand?

Book recommended by PNL2027 Literature - ages 3-5 - ages 6-8 - Pre-reading - Initial reading

Tão pequenina, tão grande

SKU: 9789899970885
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